Accessing Specific Entries in Data Table

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Accessing Specific Entries in Data Table

Jeremy Liu
Galaxy Devs,

I have been following the documentation located at ( to configure my tools to use files installed into data tables via a data manager. I have configured my tool region_motif_intersect.r to provide users the options drawn from the data table with:

<param name="bgz_file" type="select" label="Using motif database BGZ file">
<options from_data_table="motif_databases"/>

However, is there a way to directly pass the file paths of elements in the data table? I would like to implement a drop down menu so that users select which database to reference, and the tool config selects the 2-3 corresponding files from the data table (as well as checks if they exist/have been downloaded). I have attached a screenshot of what the data table looks like.

In addition, is there a way to filter the options returned by <options from_data_table> so that only a subset of the files in the data table are returned?

For reference, the tools and the data manager can be found, respectively here:

Thank you for your help.
Jeremy Liu

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