Adding a new menu option in the header/masthead

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Adding a new menu option in the header/masthead

On the banner/masthead there is a menu with things like Home, Shared Data, Admin, help etc ...

How do you add a new option here. For example if I wanted something called "About"

I could change ~/templates/webapps/galaxy/base_panels.mako and copy and paste something similar to the "Admin" tab

## About tab.
${tab( "about", "About", h.url_for( controller='/about', action='index'))}

Then in ~/templates/webapps/galaxy create a new directory called "about" and copy in the admin/*.mako files (just to see if I am on the right track). However this doesn't work.

I get "Not Found page. The resource could not be found. This link may not be followed from within Galaxy"

Does anyone know how to add a new option in the header/masthead


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