Editing admin rights on an (empty) ToolShed repo

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Editing admin rights on an (empty) ToolShed repo

Peter Cock
Hi all,

It seems the ToolShed now uses roles for granting admin rights...
but still has the old "Grant authority to make changes" feature?

I just hit a possible glitch here - I wanted to create a new repo
under the "iuc" user, edit the admin settings, then log in as my
normal personal account and upload the first version of the tool.


1. Log into the Tool Shed as the "iuc" user.
2. Created https://toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/view/iuc/package_blast_plus_2_2_30
3. Attempted to add other administrators, e.g. IUC group or myself,
but the top right menu only offered "upload", and the old panel to
do this was also missing: "Grant authority to make changes"

If I do the first upload as "iuc", then the menu changes to include
"Manage Repository Administrators", plus the panel on the main
page appears "Grant authority to make changes" (which is what
we used to use).

Is this a transition stage, or are the change rights a subset of
the admin role?

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