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Galaxy Interactive Tools - linked to wrong port

Doris Brockmann

I installed Galaxy on an Ubuntu (18.04) VM following the 'Galaxy
Installation with Ansible' tutorial. Galaxy is serving on localhost and
does not use SSL.
I then followed the 'Galaxy Interactive Tools' tutorial to
install/enable Interactive Tools.
I skipped the part 'Getting a wildcard SSL certificate' and I modified
the group variables file group_vars/galayservers.yml as follows
   - galaxy # NOT redirect-ssl
   - galaxy-gie-proxy
instead of
   - galaxy
   - galaxy-gie-proxy
and in the templates/nginx/galaxy-gie-proxy.j2 file, I changed
server {
     # Listen on port 443
     listen       *:443 ssl;
server {
     # Listen on port 80 (no SSL)
     listen        *:80;

When I execute EtherCalc (or RStudio), the link given in the blue box
under 'click here to display' is something like this:
<a href="http://4b187121143038ff-e0f2473dafce49c98787ab723e8a39b1.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.localhost:*8080*/">http://4b187121143038ff-e0f2473dafce49c98787ab723e8a39b1.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.localhost:*8080*/
but the actual view is found here (modification by hand):
<a href="http://4b187121143038ff-e0f2473dafce49c98787ab723e8a39b1.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.localhost:*8000*/">http://4b187121143038ff-e0f2473dafce49c98787ab723e8a39b1.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.localhost:*8000*/

It seems that the Interactive Tools Proxy serves on the wrong port.
The gie_proxy_port is 8000 and the proxy_pass in
/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/galaxy-gie-proxy is http://localhost:8000

Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance,

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