Galaxy Paper Cuts Day: Wednesday October 19

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Galaxy Paper Cuts Day: Wednesday October 19

Dave Clements-2
Hi all,

We are organising the Galaxy Paper Cuts contribution fest this Wednesday*:

Paper Cuts are small irritants that introduce friction when using or
administering Galaxy.  We want to
1) get rid of them, thus improving Galaxy
2) grow the contributor community!

Want to help / learn / join?  Please sign up. (You can also just show
up, but then you won't get a reminder email.)

Between now and the end of Wednesday, there are a couple of big ways
you can help:
1. Participate!
2. Create GitHub issues for things that you find irritating, in any
part of the Galaxy ecosystem
3. If you manage a Galaxy component (e.g., BioBlend, Planemo, ...)
create a tag for paper cuts, tag any appropriate issues with it, and
then let us know what tag you used.**

Hope to see you on Wednesday,
Dave C channeling Simon, Björn, and Dannon (in time zone order!)

* This Wednesday == 21 hours from now in Australia
** Or just update the paper cuts page in the hub directly.

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