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Bossers, Alex

Not sure if this question or solution has passed this list already but couldn't find anything in the archive.


Is it possible to somehow insert separator lines between groups of for instance bowtie2 indexes?


One of our tool displays it like below (the ----- lines); I would like to add separators but as below is ugly but working. Tried to make them boldface but doesn't work. I now linked an almost empty index.


At best the checkmark should not show up also. Could this be done somehow from the bowtie2.loc file?

This becomes extreme handy when you have a large collection of indexes.




This code in the tool xml loads the index;

<param name="bowtieindexes2" type="select" label="Select genome sets for alignment" help="" display="checkboxes" multiple="True" >

    <options from_data_table="bowtie2_indexes">

        <column name="name" index="2"/>

        <column name="value" index="3"/>

        <validator type="no_options" message="No indexes are available" />





And shows up in the tool like;




----------------- Mammals -----------------

Bos taurus ensembl 4.0.61

Homo sapiens ensembl GRch37

Macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey draft NCBI)


Etc etc


----------------- Other Eukaryotes -----------------

Musquito aedes_aegypti draft

Saccaromyces cerevisiae


Etc etc etc etc


----------------- Prokaryotes -----------------

E coli refseq U00096


Etc etc etc


Waddlia chondrophila strain 2032/99 draft jan2014

Waddlia chondrophila WSU86-1044 chrom

Waddlia chondrophila WSU86-1044 plasmid

----------------- Contaminants -----------------

Common NGS adpaters

UniVec vector DB

PhiX (internal NGS control)


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