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Release of Galaxy 20.05

Marius van den Beek
Dear Community,

The Galaxy Committers team is pleased
to announce the release of Galaxy 20.05.

The release announcement for developers and admins can be found at
and user facing release notes are at
A few release highlights are:

Many new Interactive Tools

Galaxy interactive tools allow a greater depth of analysis via access to
GUI-based tools inside an instance. 10 new interactive tools (some
available only on the server) join the standard base toolset.
Improvements to the Higlass interactive tool now also allow for a more
visualization of multiple datasets in various formats simultaneously.

Data Tables can now be backed by refgenie

Refgenie manages storage, access, and transfer of reference genome
Galaxy can now fill data tables that were received from a refgenie

Tool Shed is now Python3 ready

As the last component in the Galaxy Codebase the Tool Shed has been ported
Python 3. This concludes a 4 year effort to port the Galaxy codebase to

Workflow Editor and Workflow Run Form in Vue.js

The Workflow Editor and Workflow Run Form have been re-written in Vue.js.
the functionality has been preserved this lays the groundwork for creating
beautiful and reactive custom variants of these components in the future

Accelerated Galaxy Startup
Galaxy now caches expanded tool documents, delays creating the tool search
index until after startup and creates search indexes incrementally

Check out the release notes for a lot more details - there are many
more enhancements such as social login, tool recommendations,
visualizations, datatypes and bug fixes.

Thanks for using Galaxy!
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