Tagging collection datasets from file with hashtags

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Tagging collection datasets from file with hashtags

Charles Girardot
Dear all,

I am trying to tag datasets with hashtags (so they propagate) with tags like #key:value . The idea is to transport information through the workflow that is used at the end of the WF by a custom tool to rename and organise datasets depending on their tags

I can do this in the GUI: I tag datasets manually with "#key:value” tags, create a collection with all of them and run a WF => the tags properly propagate.

However, when I try to do the same using the collection tool “Tag elements from file”, it does not work properly :  the tags are visible in the collection produced by the  “Tag elements from file” but are not propagated. I assume this means that the  “Tag elements from file” escapes the “#” somehow and my tags are simple tags, not hashtags.

Note that my input file is like :
element_identifier1      #key1:value1     #key2:value1
element_identifier2      #key1:value2     #key2:value2

Now the questions :
- Is this a bug or intended ?
- where can I find the file “tag_collection_from_file.xml”, I can t locate it :-/
- any suggestion for a fix ?

Thx a bunch


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