Tests for Workflows on the tool shed?

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Tests for Workflows on the tool shed?

Peter Cock
Hello all,

I'm looking at how best to incorporate Galaxy workflows into a
publication - a standalone *.ga file in supplementary materials
would probably work but is static and I fear likely to bit rot.

I think posting each workflow (or set of workflows) as a
repository on the main Galaxy Tool Shed would be better,
as I can continue to update it as needed, and it can be
linking to it via the citable URL, e.g. Greg's example on
the Test Tool Shed which declares some dependencies:

(This assumes the Tool Shed URLs will be stable, but
I'm having to assume that anyway for tool wrappers.)

However, my natural next question is how do we define
unit tests for these workflows?

In the case of a methods paper, some sample data for testing
would be reasonable. In the case of a more applied paper, the
workflow could perhaps include the actual data used in the
paper and reproduce the published results (ambitious but
quite possible for moderate sized datasets).

I'm guessing this would be a major enhancement - something
for Greg and Dave to tackle once the current round of work
for testing tools on the Tool Shed is done (grin).

Shall I open a Trello issue for this?


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