Tool request: Integration von SecretomeP v1.0 in Galaxy

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Tool request: Integration von SecretomeP v1.0 in Galaxy

Florian Sigloch
Dear Galaxy Developers,

I would like to have this tool integrated into Galaxy. It is similar to
SignalP, however, where SignalP predict conventional secretion /
membrane integration, SecretomeP predicts unconventional secretion. More
information is in the attached paper.

A browser-version of SecretomeP v2.0 is available at
However, it is restricted to 100 uploaded sequences, so processing of
large datasets is tedious. Therefore, integration into Galaxy would be

A portable version of SecretomeP exists and is available here:
It is only v1.0, but the difference between the versions is minimal (see
also attached email of the developers).

There is one caveat: SecretomeP can deal with sequences only up to 4,000
amino acids (I am not sure, if including or excluding the 4,000). It
would be great to integrate a small preselection to sort out longer
sequences into the Galaxy tool.

Kind regards,
Florian Sigloch

P.S.: I am currently writing up my PhD thesis and I am short on time.
Would it be possible to integrate SecretomeP in 2-4 weeks? Pleeeeease?
P.P.S.: I have been in contact with Dr. Björn Grüning about this, but I
do not want to bother him during his current trip to the US.
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