Uploading a large number of files to a library creates duplicates

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Uploading a large number of files to a library creates duplicates

Yves Gagnon
Hello fellow Galaxy devs.

I stumbled upon this old thread from 2011.

We still have the issue here.  When we try to upload a large number of files to a library, it duplicates each files 5 times.

Does anybody knows what could be causing this or how to prevent it?

I wonder if this is related to another problem that we have when executing workflows with a relatively huge (50~100) amount of steps.  When we click the button to send to a new history, it duplicates the new history 5 times also.

The fact that I wonder if both are related is that the amount of duplicate is the same with both issues.

It happens whether we have multiple web and job handlers or not.  We tried both.

Thanks for your time in advance!

Yves Gagnon
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