Working with SLURM (same partition as cmd line)?

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Working with SLURM (same partition as cmd line)?

Raymond Wan
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with setting up Galaxy with
SLURM.  I'm not sure if this is the same for other DRMAAs, but what I
would like to do is use a server for both Galaxy and command-line job
execution.  Thus, I would like both to add jobs on to the *same* queue
(i.e., partitions in SLURM).

I guess this is technically possible, but are there any reasons that
would make doing this a bad idea?  I can't think of any and thought
I'd ask to see if anyone knows.  (I wished we could have a server
dedicated to Galaxy and another dedicated to command-line usage, but
we don't have such resources to do that.)

I guess if I run "bwa" (for example) on the command-line, users would
see "bwa" in the job list owned by me.  Maybe if I run it through
Galaxy, users might see the galaxy user being the owner.  If that's
the case, that is fine.

But, other than this, is there something else that would make it a bad
idea?  For example, jobs run slower, SLURM behaving incorrectly, etc.

Thank you!

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