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api dataset id problem


What do we want :
Using the API (bioblend 0.4.3, Galaxy-dist ( 22 jan 2014 ) ): upload files from user’s FTP directory to Galaxy and launch workflow
How we do it :
1. Determine the user's libraryID and historyID
2. Upload files : gi.libraries.upload_file_from_server (libraryID, server_dir) and get the datasetID in user’s library (libraryID).
3. Check the status of the upoaded file : gi.datasets.show_dataset (datasetID).
4. If state of dataset is 'ok' (gi.datasets.show_dataset (datasetID) ['state']), we import it to the history (historyID): gi.histories.upload_dataset_from_library (historyID, datasetID, 'library')
5. Now we can run workflow

For the new user the command gi.datasets.show_dataset (datasetID) works properly and displays information about the required dataset, but after a while (after some upload iterations) the command gi.datasets.show_dataset(datasetID) displays information about wrong dataset ( with identical datasetID, but not the current member of user’s library (libraryID).

But in bioblend docs: 
" show_dataset(dataset_id, deleted=False)
Display information about and/or content of a dataset. This can be a history or a library dataset."


libraryID = gi.libraries.get_libraries()[ 0 ][ 'id' ]

lib = gi.libraries.show_library(libraryID, True)
[ {
u'url': u'/api/libraries/417e33144b294c21/contents/c8990a1b374598b0', u'type': u'file', 
u'id': u'c8990a1b374598b0', 
u'name': u'/opo_opo.csfasta'

datasetID = c8990a1b374598b0
u'accessible': True, u'visible': True, 
u'copied_from_ldda_id': u'911dde3ddb677bcd', 
u'file_size': 0, u'file_ext': u'data', 
u'id': u'c8990a1b374598b0', 
u'misc_info': u'failure running job', u'hda_ldda': u'hda', 
u'download_url': u'/api/histories/5969b1f7201f12ae/contents/c8990a1b374598b0/display', 
u'state': u'error', u'display_types': [], u'display_apps': [], u'misc_blurb': u'tool error', 
u'peek': u'<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3"></table>', u'data_type': u'data', u'tags': [], 
u'deleted': True, u'history_id': u'5969b1f7201f12ae', u'genome_build': u'?', u'hid': 220, 
u'visualizations': [], u'metadata_dbkey': u'?',
u'name': u'dataset_1.dat',      <-?????
u'uuid': None, 
u'model_class': u'HistoryDatasetAssociation', u'purged': False, u'api_type': u'file'

gi.libraries.show_dataset(librarypID, 'c8990a1b374598b0')
    "data_type": "csfasta", 
    "date_uploaded": "2014-04-08T12:07:14.357356", 
    "file_name": "/home/pandorin/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_228.dat", 
    "file_size": 82283303, 
    "folder_id": "417e33144b294c21", 
    "genome_build": "?", 
"id": "c8990a1b374598b0", 
    "ldda_id": "c8990a1b374598b0", 
    "message": "", 
    "metadata_data_lines": null, 
    "metadata_dbkey": "?", 
    "metadata_sequences": null, 
    "misc_blurb": "78.5 MB", 
    "misc_info": "\nuploaded csfasta file", 
    "model_class": "LibraryDataset", 
    "name": "opo_opo.csfasta", 
    "template_data": {}, 
    "uploaded_by": "[hidden email]", 
    "uuid": null
In libraries.show_dataset() no 'state' attribute.

Best regards, 

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