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galaxy kickstart failed to install tools

Rui Wang
Hi Folks,

I tried to install some tools into the galaxy kickstart, and had the following issues:

1. Tons of warnings were generated:

 [WARNING]: sftp transfer mechanism failed on [localhost]. Use ANSIBLE_DEBUG=1 to see detailed information

2. I wasn't able to install the data manager or tools. Error are like:

"stderr": "(1/3) Installing repository tophat2 from devteam to section \"ngs-rna-tools\" at revision 5c5517d2a9e9 (TRT: 0:00:01.238735)\r\n\t* Error installing a repository (after 0:00:00.007585 seconds)! Name: tophat2,owner: devteam, revision: 5c5517d2a9e9, error: {\"err_msg\": \"You are not authorized to request the latest installable revision for a repository in this Galaxy instance.\", \"err_code\": 403006}

I tried to use different revision number, but it's the same error. I also tried to use the tool list file that comes with kickstart, it's the same.

Not sure if anyone saw this before. Please give me a hand?


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