keeping the original file name from the FTP pop-up

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keeping the original file name from the FTP pop-up



I am using a third-party software to upload huge files (> 100 GB) into Galaxy which emulates the ftp upload procedure. The files come up into the FTP upload pop-up as long id-strings (see attached). which are then used for the filename in the history panel.

Displaying the original file name in the pop-up was easy (see attached - Real Name column), but propagating it to the history panel has been more challenging :)

I finally found a way to keep the original file name in the history panel, but the method does not look very elegant. At the same time, I discovered that the file name can be explicitly set by using the param NAME in 

in ../data_source/upload.xml

<param name="NAME" type="hidden" help="Name for dataset in upload"></param>

I need to push it to the tool inputs from the FTP pop-up but I can't find the way to do it? Does anybody have had some experience with this?

Best regards


Nikolay Vazov, PhD
Department for Research Computing, University of Oslo

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