local galaxy instance can't recognize file format!!

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local galaxy instance can't recognize file format!!

Dear Galaxy team,
I have recently made local galaxy instance in my computer (since my labtop is window, I used virtualbox to install linux) to use some workflow made by other people (for finding bacterial non-coding RNA, the name of workflow is DETR'PROK). After I finally installed the local galaxy instance in my labtop(it was not easy because I haven't used linux system before), I uploaded my RNA-seq mapping data(bam file),which I did in galaxy main, through genomespace. However, my local galaxy instance can't recognize file format; it looks like that it can only recognize file format when I uploaded the files from my computer (when I use galaxy main, it is no problem to upload files from genomespace). So, I uploaded gff, fasta and bam files, but I got a error for my bam file. Please let me know what was wrong. I really want to use above workflow to find bacterial non-coding RNA which I can't do in galaxy main.
Thank you,
Ju Huck Lee
ps. since I got this "Mail is not configured for this galaxy instance" when I clicked the report, I attached the screen with my error; please let me know how I can report my errors through my local galaxy instance.
one more question; why the manage data in Admin is beta, so I couldn't use it.

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