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tool_shed question on multiple tool versions

Rui Wang
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the duplicate posting...nobody saw my original one seems and I'm still wondering what the proper way is. I searched around the wiki but didn't find much.

Originally, I installed macs dependency for galaxy myself. The version is 1.4.2. It worked well. 

Now, after galaxy upgrading removed it, and I installed it back from tool_shed, things broke. In the galaxy tool panel, it looks the same like before(as expected), but when I click on macs, it will show an option of MACS 'version 1.0.0' and 'version 1.0.1'. Be default it is 1.0.1, which is defined in migrated_tools_conf.xml:

<section id="peak_calling" name="NGS: Peak Calling" version="">

if we dive in this file, we could see that in this dir /home/bioinfoadmin/app/shed_tools/, there is a tool_dependency xml file that has following content:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <package name="macs" version="">
      <repository changeset_revision="a7ea583a35d2" name="package_macs_1_3_7_1" owner="devteam" prior_installation_required="False" toolshed="" />
    <package name="R" version="2.15.0">
      <repository changeset_revision="8ab0d08a3da1" name="package_r_2_15_0" owner="devteam" prior_installation_required="False" toolshed="" />

These versions are both older than what we installed before(1.4.2 and 3.0.2). could we manually modify that to use our own? wouldn't that be a bad practice?

while in the same dir, macs_wrapper.xml has:

    <requirement type="package" version="">macs</requirement>
    <requirement type="package" version="2.15.0">R</requirement>

Seems that this is the tool_shed version of macs(which is identical to the one on main galaxy server, I think?). However this one does not work with our input data. Additionally, when I click to switch from 1.0.1 to 1.0.0 of macs, it immediately reports error. 

So, what if I want to keep using the one I installed myself? I know that tool_shed is a cleaner way to manage tools, but in our situation the upgrade and elimination actually broke the thing that worked before. I want to ask the proper way to handle this kind of situation. could I simply drop the entry from migrated_tools_conf.xml about macs, and restore the old tools_conf.xml entry? in that way we could continue using the 1.4.2 we have. However next time when we do the upgrade, things will break again I guess? 

I think that I shouldn't be the only person that has this concern? how to handle multiple version/dependency version for a tool? is there an option to not use the tool_shed but keep own version?


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